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NEW "US-S" Ezy, no tools needed to get them off the bike, sealed and bushing bearings, 498 grams.

With its unique Split Binding System(Pat.P) the pedal provide proper holdings of cleats, yet requires minimum release force and angle of twisting your heel.
With MKS original cleat set included, that is compatible SPD cleat (Reccomended SM-SH51)
Recommended for long range pedaling such as TOURING or ENDURANCE, TRAIL, CROSS COUNTRY. The Split Binding System helps tired riders with its low stress stepping out character to provide easy releasing, when they finished pedaling after a long run.
Appropriate for clipless pedal beginners, persons with inflexible heel.
Double sided bindings and cleat guides of heel side help easy pedal-catching and stress-free stepping in.
The spring tension is adjustable ( 3mm hex.wrench)
Attached cage improves pedal stability and controllability while catching the pedal at low speed.
Large contact area between shoe and pedal provides stable and efficient pedaling.
Cleats included

Part No: 76-1-15