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ARX GRIPS WITH T-TOOL (Several sizes)

ARX GRIPS WITH T-TOOL (Several sizes)

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BioLogic T Tool Arx grips support for the palm of your hand and position your wrists to minimize numbness during long rides. The ergonomic support lets you relax your hands more during rides, resulting in less fatigue and more control when you need it. The grips lock into position on the handlebars and a triple density design puts a soft compund rubber just where you need it.

We now have Long/Long, Short/Short and also Long/Short which are for bikes with a twist shifter.

Stashed inside the grip is a patented T Tool, an integrated 4/5/6 mm Allen tool, so it is always conveniently at hand when you need it.
Arx grips fit most standard size (22.2 mm / 0.87" diameter) handlebars. T Tool insert fits handlebars with diameters of 17.8 mm (0.7) or larger.
contrary to the picture the orange lines are not orange but black, better lookin actually.